Protecting Your Home From Fire

By: Kasi, Kelsey, Sara & Emily


The main entrance into your home is your doors. To keep people in your home safe, doors need to have locks and a viewer in them. The locks prevent people from coming in until you let them in. The viewer helps you look out and see who it is before you let them in.

Windows, Alarm Systems and Biometric System

Window Locks

Other than doors, windows are another entrance into your home. To keep others out of your home, I would recommend putting window locks on your windows. That helps prevent robbers and others from coming into your home unexpectedly.

Alarm Systems and Biometric Systems

Installed to help protect your home, even when your not there. Alarm systems can let you know when someone's trying to get into your home and when someone comes into your home. The Biometric system is also installed to help protect yourself and your home. The biometric system scans your fingertips to get your ID before letting you or anyone into your home.