ENSC Family Notes

May 12, 2014

A Valuable Week

Last week, I "gave back" to the education profession by leading the AdvancED Accreditation team for Hohenfels Elementary School located on the US Military base in Hohenfels, Germany (all expenses are paid by AdvancED). Visits to the overseas military schools are always very interesting to me. First, I was told gas in Germany is pushing $10 per gallon right now. (I can't verify that since they sell gas by the liter and use Euros for money. Great math story problem, however.) The current and popular "in season" food is Spargle which is white asparagus and is delicious when served with a hollandaise sauce! It grows completely covered in loose dirt. There is no speed limit on the Autobon (interstate) which actually scares me. An important tid bit....the German airlines give you delicious chocolate instead of tiny pretzels during your flight.

Educationally, the US military schools are very similar to stateside schools. In fact, this elementary school uses Daily 5 and Everyday Math just as we do. While they do not have a specific "state" test, all Department of Defense schools use the Terra Nova test as their annual assessment. Just as we do, they use data to drive instruction, technology to engage students, and differentiation to meet the needs of all students. A challenge for these schools is the distance between military bases which prevents them from collaborating with and learning from their peers. It also prevents them from participating in valuable professional development that may be occurring stateside.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of the accreditation process for Department of Defense schools. While I spend about 98 percent of my time on the base and involved in the review process, it is an excellent professional development opportunity for me. I always bring back some wonderful ideas to share with our administrators. Don't worry, nothing that will cause big changes!

ISTEP Completion

The district is nearly finished with ISTEP. The good news, there were minimal issues and nearly all students had a positive testing experience. When the "window" closes on Tuesday, we will all breath a sigh of relief. It will be great to have the testing completed and the computer challenges behind everyone. While the testing is over, the next four weeks of school are equally important as teachers are getting students ready for the next school year. HOWEVER....for most students in grades K-8, this is now a time to relax a bit, put the high stakes tests behind you, and take some time to present lessons that may not be on the curriculum/testing radar. I realize there may still be new materials to be introduced and unit testing. Essentially, you get to take a few days to put the fun back into school. High School....well, I believe you are still presenting new material, preparing for end of course assessments, high stakes testing, and ensuring you have completely covered your curriculum.

We are just 19 days from the last day of school. Reflection at this point will give us an understanding of what we have accomplished and what needs still needs attention. With the long and challenging winter we experienced this year, I can't believe we have finally arrived to the end of the school year.

Thank you for all for the support you provide to your child and to the ENSC.

The Super Hero of the Week is Wayne Center's Raihanne Garrett

Raihanne Garrett is Wayne Center's Hero of the Week. Raihanne is in her first year of teaching, and we are lucky she chose to start her career at Wayne Center! Each day her fourth graders are excited to come to school because they know they will work hard, but have fun doing so. Raihanne carefully monitors her students' progress and adjusts activities and lessons to meet the needs of her students. She also works with many of her students outside of school hours helping them master the skills they need to learn.

Raihanne has shown leadership in the implementation of reading strategies learned through Keys to Literacy training this winter and has served a great resource for her peers. She is always willing to provide help and support as well as share her ideas with others. Raihanne has a can-do attitude, and we appreciate all that she does for our students and staff.

Have a Great Week!

Curriculum and Building Notes




Last year at this time, all certified staff participated in a technology survey to help determine what the individual, building, and district needs were as we implemented the new technology standards. We are repeating the survey one year later to gain information on our technology growth, as well as develop plans for next year’s professional development.

The survey is basically the same as last year’s. All certified staff will respond to the laptop section and K-4 teachers should ALSO respond to the iPad section, except for some questions that now say “does not apply to iPad - only mark laptop section”. Two additional questions were added – one for iPad users regarding account management and one for all staff members regarding preferences in professional development assistance.

Now, you may be wondering why it is necessary to add your name to the survey. While knowing that 10 staff members may need help with a certain skill is good information for the coaches, it would be nearly impossible to determine who it is that needs help unless the peer coaches have your name. The information in the survey is not part of your evaluation. It will be used to create individual, small group, and building level PD for this summer and next year and to see how far we have come this year. If you are unsure if you have mastery of a skill, it is best to answer “NO”. By doing so, the peer coaches will be able to assist you.

Please complete the survey by Wednesday, May 14, 2014. If you have any questions, please contact Joanna. Thank you in advance.


Wayne Center Elementary

The Wayne Center staff has been spoiled this week for Staff Appreciation week. We have been getting goodies in our mailbox every day along with treats in the lounge. On Thursday we enjoyed a fish fry with yummy sides and desserts.

Wayne Center has been very busy with reading. At the beginning of the year we made a goal to read for a million minutes as a school. Last week we reached our million minute mark. We will be having a reading celebration at the end of the year to celebrate this milestone.

The first graders have been busy learning about plants. We have been learning about parts of a plant, how to take care of a plant, and different types of plants. Mrs. Cripe’s class planted grass and Mrs. McDonald’s class planted marigolds. The students have been taking care of their plants and watching them grow. Next week the first graders will be visiting the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. The students are excited about seeing the animals and the habitats that they live in. The students will get to enjoy lunch in the zoo and one ride.

Alternative Learning Center

Another busy week has gone by at the ALC. Once again, we have been very popular, as evidenced by our ever expanding population. Lots of great things happened this week at the ALC. We received word that we would be welcoming two new students next week, our Elementary and Middle School students have completed ISTEP testing, our High School students racked up another 15 credits and we are one week closer to seeing several of our High Students achieve graduation. Please stay tuned for all the excitement at the ALC. We will have several graduations to announce in the coming weeks.

Avilla Elementary

Another awesome week here at Avilla! We would like to thank the PTO for putting together a very successful Muffin’s with Moms once again this year! Please take a look at the video to hear from OUR students and see the turnout from OUR community this past Friday morning.


East Noble High School

May is always a busy time of year as things wind down. The weather changes and everyone starts looking ahead, and we take the time to celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors. Whether it’s a luncheon to recognize the partnerships of our community, or a final performance on Munk stage our seniors are really sinking into the realization that their world is about to change. It’s the day they look forward to. It’s the day they can’t wait for, but it’s suddenly the day that no one can believe is finally here. As adults we’re all too familiar with the concept that the older we get, the faster time flies. Our seniors are often heard making comments about how they can’t believe it’s over…welcome to the club, seniors.

As we celebrate our seniors and wrap up another successful year we have some important activities planned this week. On Tuesday we’ll have our seniors dressed up in their custom gowns for their senior picture. Mid-week we have the final band performance as well as an end of the year banquet for our FFA group. We end the week with our Senior Awards Night. It’s a chance for seniors to be rewarded for their hard work and achievements with scholarships to help them with college expenses. It’s a much anticipated night for parents and seniors, and a night where you hope to have your name called often. With the largest class in East Noble history, the scholarship committees for these various awards had the difficult task of sorting and deciding. Good luck to all our seniors.

East Noble Middle School

Before nine-thirty, Friday morning, the 2014 round of ISTEP+ was over for all but a few at the middle school. The two days of seventh grade testing and the three days of eighth grade testing went very smoothly this week. The few glitches and delays, were easily resolved through the troubleshooting of students and their teachers. Now, we wait for the results that we hopefully come before the start of school next year and show how much our students have learned this year.

Also this week, the administration celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week with gifts of food to staff members each day. Candy, ice cream cakes, and a full chili dog buffet were enjoyed by all. It is definitely nice to be appreciated!

With four weeks of school left, activities and lessons are not slowing down. Friday, the members of the archery team went to the national competition, and on Saturday, the track conference meet was held. The eighth graders are finishing their study of genetics in science, reading the book To Be a Slave during language arts, studying the Civil War in social studies, and Algebra students are preparing for their End of Course Assessment. Wednesday, Mrs. Hazekamp returned from her leave, and on Monday, the Blue Team welcomes back Mrs. Jarrett.

North Side Elementary

This week at North Side sixth grade students were asked to be a part of history! They have been asked to write letters to the veterans participating in the Honor Flight on May 28. This is a flight that takes World War II veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the World War II Memorial and the Arlington National Cemetery. Students have been learning about World War II and its impact on the United States, its citizens, and the world abroad. These letters will be shipped to the veterans to ensure that they know civilians do not take their sacrifice for granted; and that we appreciate their service for our country and its citizens. Check out this video of a few students reading their letters! http://youtu.be/AjccAw_bgrk

On Friday, PTO hosted their annual school carnival. Families enjoyed the wide variety of stations available to explore including winning a goldfish, designing a balloon animal of their choice, indulging in a snow cone, taking a stroll along the cake walk, jumping in the two bounce houses and much more! A big thanks to the many teachers who volunteered to run the different activities and the PTO members for taking the time to organize such a memorable event for our North Side families. Click the link to check out the fun times for yourself! http://youtu.be/ey8E_r9UvBs

Rome City Elementary

Romans Celebrated Reading at the TinCaps Game. Students who completed reading goals this year were offered a free TinCaps tickets. We ordered 60 tickets for Romans. The weather was beautiful and the TinCaps won. Way to go Roman Readers!

This week was a week of appreciation for Rome City staff. Students and staff members expressed their appreciation towards each other in many ways. Three dedicated parents from the Parent Action Committee, Jen Blackman, Mindy Connelly and Sarah Aumsbaugh, spoiled the teachers with special creative ideas throughout the week.

Rome City Staff you are Appreciated!


South Side Elementary

South Side held its 5th annual National Elementary Honor Society Induction Ceremony on Wednesday. The ceremony was planned by the current members with support from their sponsors, Mrs. Mossburg and Ms. Roberts. The members spoke to families and guests about the four pillars of the organization (scholarship, service, leadership, and character). Twelve new members were pinned by their parents and current members. New members were selected based on the four pillars. They represent the top 20% of their class, which required a 3.8 GPA. Sixth grade members were also honored with their official NEHS pin and a yellow rose. Following the passing of the flame portion of the ceremony, members and guests enjoyed cake and punch together. All current members will use their final meeting of the year to volunteer at the humane society.