Welcome To Neptune

By Emily Irrazabal

✨ Welcome to Neptune ✨

Welcome to Neptune we have a lot of nice features on this planet like

  • Having elegant dinner and show
  • We have many new and improved amusement parks
  • Reasonable prices on hotels
  • Wonderful boat rides
  • Nice chilly weather

💡 10 Facts on Neptune 💡

  1. Distance from the sun is 30.1 AU
  2. Neptune has 14 moons
  3. It takes 164 years to orbit the sun once
  4. Neptune has a diameter of 29,297
  5. The name Neptune was gotten by the Roman god of the sea
  6. Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun
  7. Neptune was discovered in 1845
  8. In 2011 Neptune completed the first orbit around the sun
  9. Neptune's surface area 2.914 billion sq miles
  10. The dot on Neptune is called the Great Dark spot

What to do on Neptune

  • On this wonderful planet we have one of the best amusement parks in the galaxy called Pleasure Island. On Pleasure Island we have water roller and many family friendly rides. In the park their are restaurants and snack posts if people chose to eat in the park or want a simple snack. There are also gift shops to remember your visit there.
  • There are also nice springs there that have cold and fresh water to go fishing or swimming(you can only swim during the summer because during the winter it is turned in an ice skating rank.
  • There are also cabin opened during the winter so you can enjoy the winter is a nice,cozy and warm cabin. There you have a beautiful view of a frozen lake and can ice skate there or go sledding.
  • Here on Neptune we had found amazing new animals and have the biggest zoo in the galaxy.


There is a anime called Sailor Moon and has a character named Sailor Neptune