Chisholm Update

August 11, 2021

Greetings Charger Families!

As I begin my 25th year as an educator and I always find myself nervously anxious for this time of the year. No matter how much planning and preparation anyone can accomplish, it never feels like enough. All educators want to make sure all the tasks are completed and everyone has all the tools necessary to begin the year. The days are long and the tasks seem unending. All of that seems to melt away once the students arrive and we settle into the routines and schedules of their school day.

As we begin another school year, it is my hope that we will see a continued path towards the normalcy of our pre-Covid days. We know and hear, that variants still exist, and we will most likely deal with this virus once students return for the 2021-22 school year. At this time, masks are encouraged, but not required. We know some will wear masks, there will be others that won't mask. We know some are vaccinated while others are not. We don't, however, know the specifics on who actually is or isn't vaccinated, just like we wouldn't know the specifics on who actually had a flu shot. That isn't our information to ask or share, and we ask your assistance in keeping it that way.

As a school and district, we will continue to monitor and apply new protocols to mitigate the spread. If at any point in the school year, you have questions or concerns around Covid cases involving the students, please notify the school or Michelle Wartley, our school's covid captain, so we can navigate the Covid case correctly.

Thank you again for your support as we transition into another school year. I think back to the journey we took from last year at this time to today and I'm hopeful that we've learned a thing or two to help us moving forward. We are excited to start another school year, and look forward to the first day of classes on Thursday, August 12.

Thomas Higdon

First Day Helpful Hints

Parents will not be allowed into the building on the first day. Please take your first-day photos outside before arriving at the front door area so we can keep the areas in front of the doors as open as possible. We will have staff available to make sure students get to their classrooms.

At Meet The Teacher, you should have received a couple of items that will be helpful on the first day of school. The first is a color lanyard, similar to what we used last year, that helps us identify the student's name, grade, teacher, and how they get home most days. We are encouraging students to wear these lanyards to and from school each day during the first couple of weeks to help us get students to their classrooms or appropriate location.

The second item is a car rider hangtag. The Car Rider program was used last year, and our district is using this tool to help identify students for dismissal at the end of the day. Teachers will place the corresponding bag tags on student backpacks on the first day. DO NOT USE THE YELLOW TAGS FROM LAST YEAR. The tags for this year are red and the students are assigned numbers for this year. Please have hangtags visible when you come to pick up students at the end of the day. If you don't have your hangtag, you will be asked to park and come into the office with your driver's license to verify that you can pick up the student(s).

At the end of the day, we ask that the Springhill exit be only used by those students that live in the Springhill neighborhood. We also ask that the 33rd walkers be students that either live in Old Farm or Thornbrook. Please use the bus or car rider as the dismissal avenue if you live elsewhere.

If you are picking your student up with car dismissal, please do not turn right on a red light as you enter the parking lot. Those coming from the East, need to have an opportunity to enter the parking lot when they have a green arrow. Be sure to have your car tag visible, so we can enter the student number to get them moving toward the loading area. Please don't park and walk to the front door. We don't have a parent walk-up area.

It will take a few days for everyone to learn the procedures, so please be patient with our process. Our goal is to get everyone on their way as efficiently as possible, but we also want to do it as safely as possible.

If you need to pick up your students before the end of the day, please check them out before 3:00 since we will begin getting ready for afternoon dismissal.

There is a button below that will take you to our bus transportation page where you can enter your address and get information about riding the bus to and from school.

Lunch Times

We are not allowing guests in for lunchtime similar to last year in an effort to minimize outside contact with our students to possible Covid exposure.

10:30 - 11:00 Kindergarten

11:00 - 11:30 Pre K

11:30 - 12:00 5th Grade

12:00 - 12:30 3rd Grade

12:30 - 1:00 1st Grade

1:00 - 1:30 2nd Grade

1:30 - 2:00 4th Grade

Birthday Snacks and Books This Year

Last year we received a gift of books from Toys-For-Tots and the local UPS store, which we were able to hand out to students during their birthday month. This monthly birthday book give-a-way was a bit hit with our students and something that we are going to continue this year.

Along with the birthday books we are going to have our kitchen make birthday treats for the students this year, which will be handed out once a month in the afternoon.

We are asking that parents not bring or deliver birthday treats this year for classrooms. With 800+ students at our school, it's becoming increasingly difficult to manage these deliveries and make sure these treats don't contain ingredients that adversely affect our students with allergies.

We will be sure to recognize student birthdays here at school with a treat and book during their birthday month.

Edmond Bus Transportation

Click here to learn more about bus transportation

Chisholm PTO Cheddar App-Sign up and help fund programs

To help make sure that all the areas our Chisholm PTO supports are funded, we need help from parents to get this year started. Please consider donating the amounts listed for each of your students.

Shopping at Office Depot/ OfficeMax - Use Code 70081752

If you plan on doing any shopping at Office Depot or OfficeMax, and you give them the code 70081752 during checkout, a portion of the proceeds will come back to support Chisholm and orders we make.

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