The Plan for Government (1787)

a Guide to the Constitution- Dawson Walker

New Government Neededed

A new government was need because the government at the time had little power, and the economy was not organized.

Issues, Explanations, and More!

Who Were The Delegates?

The delegates were made up of wealthy, knowledgeable, white males from each state

Issues of Representation

How were the states going to be represented? There were two plans, Virginia Plan which was based on population, and the New Jersey Plan which was based on the same power for all. They also went through the Great Compromise, which the house of representatives was based on the Virginia Plan and the Senate was based on the New Jersey Plan

Issue of Slavery

Should the population count slaves? Of course the south said yes to this but the north said no. They also came up with a compromise for this which was called the three-fifths compromise. Three fifths of the slaves counted.

Issue of States and Federal Power

This issue created the system of federalism. The power was divided between federal and state. Nation powers were delegated powers while state powers were reserved powers.

Separation of Power

To protect against bad government they divided the government into three parts, legislative to make laws, Executive to enforce the laws, and Judicial to interpret the laws.

Changing the constitution

In case the government needs to be changed, amendments can be added if 2/3 of the house of rep. agree and 2/3 of the senate agrees also.

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