A Unique Jewelry Bar

A Team SWIFT Training Module

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Jewelry Bars

What makes a Jewelry Bar different?

  • Making Personal Connections with Guests and Your Hostess.
  • Providing OUTSTANDING Customer Service.
  • Showering your hostess with attention. (check out the Love your Hostess Game)
  • Being KNOWLEDGABLE about our products and programs.

Along with these tips, here are some more helpful ideas to make your Jewelry Bars UNIQUE and FUN!

Love Your Hostess Game:

Here are the pieces of paper that I had out with my lapboards as people arrive. I have them pick a charm that best represents their hostess. Then I collect all the papers and just before I talk about the lockets, I read each paper and ask who wrote down _______ charm and then I ask if they can share why the picked that particular charm for her. The Hostess and the guests LOVE this. Usually makes the hostess cry.

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Hostess Appreciation Cards

This is a two-sided card. Just attach a FREE charm.

Sized for Vista Print


Note: When downloaded color appears as photo

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Help with Your Presentation.....We have that too!!!

Below are two different sets of party cards.

The Idea; Write or Print out index cards to help you along!

The first set is from Paris Paull. They are to jar your memory. The colored side is a trigger, you write YOUR party ideas on the back.

The second set is from Angela Michalovich. She gives you it all AND a party game.

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Games are a fun way to get party attendee participation. Just keep them relevant to O2! Here are some GREAT examples!