All the Wrong Questions

Lemony Snicket

The Beginning

There was a young boy named Lemony Snicket who was going to have tea with his parents when given a mysterious note by a mysterious woman.He will do as the note instructed him to do.He will meet her out side to discuss something.Next thing he knows his parents were going to put something into the tea to make him feel tired. So he promised to help this women solve a mystery.

The Bombinating Beast

Lemony has to help Theodora steal back the Bombinating Beast from the mahallen's ,or does it belong to the mahallens? What is going on in this town.Will Lemony and his chaperone find out the mystery.Read to find out.

I hope you liked it! Here are some more details about my book and author!

Lemony Snicket

He has written many more books than this series ,so if you read this series try his other books