The Class Times

A Weekly Newsletter from Michael and Emily's First Grade

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Welcome to first grade!

We had a terrific week! We learned a lot of new names, new routines, and new places in the Lower School over the last five days. We can't wait for next week because things are just starting to get rolling around here...

Ask Me About...

...the kids in my class! self-portrait!

...the playground on the roof! class!

...the drawings and collages we made in art class!

...listening to Library Lion in library story!

...doing chin-ups and hopping on stones in gym app!

...the interesting books I found in the class library!

...Dodsworth in New York, Subway Sparrow, The House on East 88th Street, and Hey, Al, the four "city stories" we read this week!

Questions of the Week

  • What is that New Yorker's story?
  • How do you make a good estimate for how many there are?
  • What do you like to read about?
P.S. We've begun updating our class website! Check it out! The password is "firstgrade1617." We've added some photos and some items under "math," "story," and "New York." Also, check out the "books" tab for some ideas of what to read at home.