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Peacocks live in open forests and live in southeast Asia. They are in India and Sri Lanka.Most peacocks are found in many tropical areas , such as rainforests ,zoos, or as pets. Mostly, they will make their homes in forest trees. They are all not just found in these places but all around the world.(SIRS Discoverer,Animal Facts)

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Peacocks are very funny but also real majestic when they walk. The first thing you see when a peacock walks is it head jerking back and forth like a turkey. You also see the beautiful feathers on its back ruffle and squirm around and the nice train of feathers wiggle. All of the movements will make sense once you watch this video.(Peacock,World Book Kids)

Body Covering

Peacocks have beautiful bright blue neck and a shiny silver back. Long strands of gorgeous

green feathers(Also known as trains) line the back and and jet black spots smack in the middle of the feather look like eyeballs! Once the train of feathers spread they look fetching to the women which we will talk about later.(SIRS Discover,Animal Facts)

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Peacock you would think had a pretty nice diet by looking at them. But... Your wrong! Peacocks eat vile foods such as, are you ready...snails ,frogs and insects. Yeaaa not so pretty right but do eat some okay things such as juicy grasses and dirt bulbs. Also when they do this y destroy a lot of crops.(SIRS Discoverer, Animal Facts)


Peacock males can reproduce with more then six females.THe female peahen can lay 4-8 eggs and they are brown.They hatch after about a month then the female takes care of them without the males help.(SIRS Discoverer, Animal Facts)
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Peacocks use there awesome feathers for attracting girls like we saw earlier. they hunt for food and they are usually omnivorous and can live up to 20 years usually.They all originated in Asia(Peacock, A-Z
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Other Info

.There are 3 different types(Peacock, A-Z

.some peacocks suffer from habitat loss(Peacock, A-Z

.they are also called peafowl.(SIRS Discoverer, Animal Facts)

.they are really beautiful(My own Fact)

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