NCVPS Latin Update

Early Calendar Latin I- Week of 12/8-12/12 LAST WEEK


Can you believe this is our LAST week? Where has the time gone? Thanks for all your help this semester. It's been a pleasure teaching your students. They are great kids and I'm glad I got to know them. Please take a close look at this week's flyer, as it covers our final and last minute notes. Thanks again for all your help and have a great holiday season.

The Final Exam

  • Once the final is taken, you cannot go back and complete any work.
  • Therefore, make sure before you begin it, that EVERYTHING is complete. I mean, everything, check it all. This includes any work from the first nine weeks, which, as I've said, if it is not submitted to me in a list, it will not be graded
  • The final is open notes/book.
  • You may not use any outside help, including online translators. Use of these will result in a zero.
  • There is no time limit.
  • Follow your school policy as far as taking it at home. If the school allows you to work at home, then you can work on it at home.
  • You do not require a proctor.
  • You may save it and come back to.
    • MAKE absolute sure you save it. I've had some students work on it and not save it. IF that happens, there is NOTHING I can do.
  • You may only take it once.
  • I will not reopen it or answer any questions about it once you start it.
  • It counts as 25% of your entire grade. The other 2 nine weeks count as the other 75 %. To calculate your final grade
    • First nine week grades x .375
    • Seconde nine weeks grade x .375
    • Final exam x .25
    • Add all numbers together.
    • So, as an example, if you had an 86 for first nine weeks and a 90 for the second nine weeks and you make a 95 on the final you would do this:
      • 86 x .375=32.25
      • 90x.375=33.75
      • 95x.25=23.75
      • 32.25 + 33.75 + 23.75 =89.75 (which would be your final grade for the class)
  • Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification. Thanks!

Latin Live

The link above will show you this week's Latin Live calendar. This is basically a teacher who is available in a digital classroom to go over topics. We've had great success with this, so please encourage your student to attend, if they need some extra help.