Northwood Notes

Royal Oak Schools: A Community of Excellence

Week of 5.8.16


Special Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.

Educator Effectiveness - Updates/Answers to Questions

The following items need to be reviewed and

completed by the teacher. The > indicates the triangle in


>Goal Setting Forms & Conference

Teacher Professional Growth Goals (Tenured Teachers Only, Nontenured teachers

have IDPs). This goal is for the next school year.

Note: Relate to an item in the rubric you would like to work on next year. Only need


>Domains 1 & 4 Portfolio

Enter Artifacts for DOMAIN 4 only; Same as last year, items I do not know about or need to know about, just a different spot; don't get carried away

>Year End Forms & Evidence

Complete Year End Summative Review

You will see the first question is: Provide your overall assessment of progress toward your goals. You will type in your progress toward Professional Goal Goal

(none this year for tenured teachers. Nontenured will write their progress toward their IDP Goals) AND your Student Growth Goals.

Complete Year End Artifacts Teacher

Upload Student Growth Goals Evidence/DATA, IDP Evidence here. Next year

your Professional Growth Goal Evidence will go here.

Non Tenured teachers upload your goals for next year. This is not new, you did

it last year.


This is a note: Student Growth Objective (Domain 5): Here is the way the wording will


NOTE: Component Details

ONot Met (Ineffective)

ONearly Met (Minimally Effective)

OMet (Effective)

OExceeded (Highly Effective)

The following link has all the Educator Effectiveness information in one great location. The most recent items you can review are located here:

If you cannot find something when it is released please see me or email me.

Please make an appointment if you have any questions or need a tutorial on Teachscape usage. Don't wait until the last minute.