Our beliefs and views towards the Federalist !

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States Debt

The Democratic-Republicans are against this policy unless the federal government decides to move the capital from Philadelphia to the banks of the Pottomic River/Washington D.C .

The Silenced Democratic-Republicans !

This treatment is unfair to Democratic-Republicans because Democratic-Republicans should have the right to say and do as they please.

Why are we arguing that this is a good matter?

The French Revolution is a very good thing according to the Democratic-Republicans because French deserve freedom from their home country or government just like Democratics-Republicans did. The French helped with the American revolution and Democratic-Republicans are very proud if Americas actions have made the French people stand up for themselves.

The Supporters

Monday, Nov. 10th, 1:30pm

Back Country in Sc

The back country supported the democratic-republican ways. Democratic-Republicans were based on middle class people and had totally different views from the federalist or federal government. Not only the back country of SC supported the Democratic-Republicans. The Democratic Rep. were led by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

The National Bank Issue

The Democratic-Republicans felt as if there was no good reason to even suggest having a national bank. They argued over how the Constitution should be interpreted strictly. The Federalist argued that Congress was granted authority to make all laws that was necessary and proper to the execution of its power.

War With Great Brtiain

The Federalist and Democratic-Republicans felt like they should both come together as one for war with their old home country Great Britain. They went to war with the British because the British were taking American sailors and forcing them into the British Navy because they were trading with the French. They didn't want to stop trading with the French so they came up with a plan called in embargo which was said that no American ship could enter any ports.


Democratic-Rep. Party felt like the Constitution should be interpreted strictly. While the Federalist felt like the Constitution could be changed if changes were strongly needed and were necessary and proper. The Democratic-Republicans felt like this was only to satisfy the rich and wealthy people of the United States. Democratic-Rep. wanted the government to be equal among the the states and the federal government or give the states most of the power. The confusion about how the power was balanced caused a lot of problems.