Iverson and Benji

Created By: Dantrell Dunson


•Iverson Directed by: Zatella Beatty

Benji Directed by: Coodie and Chike

Authorship Iverson/Benji

Iverson - Zatella Beatty made the film and she's an actor and producer known for a couple of her popular movies such as Sister act, Two can play that game, and Iverson.

Benji - Were African American film directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and producers.

Economics and Impact: Iverson/Benji

Iverson/Benji - ESPN were the funders for both documentaries. The interest and approach for both films Iverson, and Benji were to inform the audience on how growing up in violent environments can reflect others no matter where you are.

Techniques: Iverson/Benji

Iverson: The quality of this film portrayed

Benji: The quality of this film is

Context: Iverson/Benji



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