Diving Deeper into Division

Menu Nov 14-29th

Resources, Videos, And links

Use these videos and links to help you study The Meaning of Division and the methods of division



Monday appetizer (Skittles Division)

1.Your quotient is 64 skittles as a group.

What are you two factors?

Create as many possible problems as you can dividing this amount evenly?

2. Watch the area model video below.

Tuesday, November 15th appetizer(Jillian's Method)

Thursday, November 17th appetizer

No appetizer today-we will be in math class entire class

Friday, November 18th appetizer

Big image

Station checklist of Assignments(DUE NOV 30)


All links should be placed on this checklist and this checklist should go in the dropbox

Monday, November 21st appetizer

1.Brain only division with a partner


2.Then work on the Buzz Math with missing Numbers-

Tuesday, November 22nd appetizer


Work on finishing your contract 8 and submitting in the bucket today!

Main courses (Class Assignments you must do)

Monday, November 14th Monday Multiplication Models

Tuesday Squadron or Brownies remainder



Place as a pdf on your checklist please when done!

Brownie Remainders Main Course Tuesday November 15th

Wednesday November 16th Main Course QR scavenger hunt

1.You will solve division Task cards posted at your assigned station.

2.You will show work with your group using the Big 7 method for long division!

3.You will then scan and find all the correct solutions on the QR codes!

4. You will create at least QR code for a ? that does not have one.

Use qrstuff.com or qr monkey! You may also use vocaroo.com

5.Photo all your work and qr code into Google and place your link on the checklist!

Thursday November 17th & Friday, November 18th Math lab Main Course 60 pt -10 pt per set

In the Math lab you will solve 6 sets of problems for multiplicaton and division

Your work will be on paper

You should solve at least 5 of the 6 sets!

Please turn in your work on paper

Monday November 21st Main Course

Work on Review Division Task Cards

1.Today your work for task cards will be on paper!

2.When you are done you need to work on your Contract 8!

3. If you finish contract 8, scroll below and

finish your carrot or green bean casserole side dish!

Tuesday, Nov 22nd Main course

-1. Finish and submit Contract 8-make sure Buzz Math is done!-

2. Today you also need to complete and submit your green bean or carrot word problem side dish

3. place your finished link on the checklist

4. Work on The Color coding and Pascal pumpkin thanksgiving worksheets

Monday, November 28thCreating Quotients Main Course Task 2

Go to the Hexagon Table

2. Open the station folder.

3. Take out a yellow task card sheet for each kid in your group.

4. Open a blank google doc and some post its!

5. Use the marker and white board to try and solve a row of the task cards!

6. Photo your work and place on a blank google slides!(You can use the same one as the game from warmup)

Note: Your answers(quotients) can be decimals!

** On Friday, you will voice record using www.vocaroo.com how you decided the placement of the numbers in the divisor and the dividend.

Side Dish choices

Choose 1 side dishes to complete below from each section!

-You should pick a fruit and a vegetable side dish!

-You should also pick 1 game side dish for a total of 3 side dishes that will be due for this menu for a grade!

The Veggie Side Dishes(The Word Problems) (First Side Dish ) Monday and Tuesday Nov 21-22

Green Bean Casserole Side Dish Choice 1 (Place on checklist when done by Nov 22)

The Carrots Side Dish(Word Problem Choice 2) Place on checklist by Nov 22)

The Fruit Side Dishes

You will work on your independent work on division on Monday, November 28th

You will pick a fruit side dish!

Once you have solved you will sign up for a partner to check with!

Early finishers: Remainders Game Dessert-Hexagon Table

Manipulative(Playful-Fruit Side dish) 20 pt

Use maniipulatives to solve this task

You may use base ten blocks, cuisinaire rods, the Fluffy balls, or draw your own representations using abcyaa or google draw

Slide 1-Show the problem

slide 2-Show a model of how you would solve the problem

Slide 3-Answer the ? Is he correct? why or why not?

Slide 4-Show all your work for the problem(it can be a whiteboard photo)

5 pts each slide

Big image

Fruit Side Dish 2 ( Video Creation(Work in group of 3)

1.Study the student scenario


2. Split up in your group into students 1, 2, and 3

Slide 1-. Rework the student method in educreations.

Slide 2-. Recreate each student method explaining if the method is correct for solving division.

Slide 3- Try a new problem on the last slide using the same method as your student used.

Slide 4 As a group decide and discuss on your last slide which method you think makes the most sense.

(The Startch) Game Side Dishes Tuesday November 29th

The Game Side Dishes

you should choose one!

Complete today in class

Least Quotient Game Side Dish(15 pt)


Play 2 rounds of the game. Create a presentation with the following information.

Slides 1 & 2Take a screen shot of each round

Slide 3-Explain which problem made the least quotient and if you noticed any patterns for getting the least quotient.

Bonus Slide 4-If time, play for the largest quotient what is the difference? Does the placement of the numbers matter?

Game Side Dish Choice The Great Raleigh Road Race


Play 2 rounds of the game.

Slide 1 & 2Take screen shots for each round.

Slide 3-Explain which numbers rolled/or problems resulted in the greatest remainders and why? What patterns did you notice? Give a few examples.

Bonus: Would it be possible to change something about the game so that there were no remainders? what would you change?

Big image

Remainders Game Directions(BONUS GAME)

the game: http://nrich.maths.org/6402

As a group work together in small groups of 3-4 kids

Click on the link, You are trying to solve the secret number.

1-Reader-Read the clue on the remainders screen

2-Player-Use the 200s chart to cross out any numbers you think can be eliminated!

Continue reading clues, and recording. Talk your way through the numbers you are crossing out.

3-Coach-Watch how the player is solving and give them encouragement, but don't solve

Then switch rolls, on the next numbers

Keep taking turns until you are ready to guess and solve the task.

Place your work on this google slides: