April Math Newsletter

Getting ready for PARCC!

Quick Message

We are heading into the last quarter of the year and are beginning to put together all our math standards. All standards that we have previously been working on we will continue to work on in order to achieve mastery of these skills. Please reference previous newsletters in order to find links to videos and resources of those skills.

New Standards We Will Be Covering

3.G.A.1: Understanding the shapes have attributes and can be sorted into categories and subcategories. Recognize rhombuses, rectangles, and squares as examples of quadrilaterals, and draw examples of quadrilaterals.
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What We Will Be Doing

1. Although we are always targeting our math standards, we will really be focusing on previous skills that require additional practice, or simply need to be revisited.

2. BIG focus on understanding the question formats and responding to questions...

  • PARCC isn't scary because of the content - it's simply learning how to read directions carefully and understanding the format of the questions
  • We will work on how to tackle these directions and question formats by learning how to use the online tools and other strategies to help us figure out what to do
  • There are questions that require written responses as well so a lot of focus will be going into what a good response looks like (complete sentences, vocabulary, explaining thinking, etc.)

Below are a few resources that you can utilize for test practice and preparation! See the notes for any necessary login information.

PARCC Resources

PARCC Website

Link to Website

This is the official PARCC website. To see practice questions that demonstrate the question formats, click on either practice test 1 or 2 (computer based). It's important students know how to use the equation editor (primarily to write fractions) and know how to use the scratchpad, choice eliminator, and highlight tool. This is great for you to do on your own to see how you can support your student, or for you and your student to do together as practice!

As always, please contact your homeroom or math teacher if you have any questions about additional resources or strategies you can utilize at home.