German I and II News

Week of August 20th

18 week schedule grade update:

I cannot believe we are already two weeks into our 18 week schedule! The first benchmark deadline for students enrolled in the 18 week schedule was Friday, August 16. After I grade all assignments, I enter zeros for anything not submitted so you can have your most current grade! If your average is below a 70 may have already received an email and a call from me. Please contact me asap. There is still plenty of time to get back on track!

16 week schedule students and parents:

Your first benchmark deadline is on August 30 at midnight! Please let me know if you have questions or problems!

Did you know that Germany has 16 Bundesländer (States)?

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Live Sessions

Please remember to attend my live office hours. This is your chance to practice speaking German! We also go over the main topics in the course content. Next week for German I we'll be talking about likes and dislikes (regular verbs) and in German II we will be talking about our home and city (modal verbs). The link to join and times are on your course homepage. Thanks to all students who have attended! What an amazing group!

Speaking Contest - Sprechen Sie Deustch?

  • November 21, 2013 [evening] - Adobe Connect Virtual classroom.
  • Showcase your ability to speak the language at your level.
    Level 1 [1st Yr] Family
    Level 2 [2nd Yr] Food
  • Students will be evaluated by judges. A certificate of participation will be issued,

along with your language rating. Click below to sign up!