Lacey Sponsler

Master of Arts in Organizational Management

A little bit about me...

Hi there! I graduated from a small town in Oklahoma in 2001 and went to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Oklahoma. After my first semester, I decided to complete my first two years at Oklahoma City Community College. At this time, I was still clueless as to what I wanted to be because I had lost interest in counselling. After about five years of working in the hospitality industry, I became pregnant and decided to complete my Bachelor's in Hotel and Restaurant Administration in 2006 at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK (they have the 7th in the nation hotel/rest. program) Being a single mother with not much family, I worked full time and attained this degree in 2012.

After working long hours, weekends, and holidays with a small child, I then chose to pursue my Master's in Organizational Management,specializing in Human Resources. My daughter is now ten years old and I will graduate the first of February. I am the Assistant General Manager at a quaint little boutique and spa hotel located in Willits, CA. My daughter and I moved to California this past spring to be a part of our other side of the family and it has been wonderful. We love the outdoors, music, and sports. Ashford has given me a chance to gain more education, confidence, and be a great example for my daughter.