Fabulous 5 - Christmas gift money

Please bring in $30.00

The perfect gift for Karen, Chris, Kathy, Nora, and Ernesto

Fabulous Five Christmas Gifts

Dear Staff,

I am collecting $30.00 for those of you who would like to give $6.00 each to Karen, Chris, Ernesto, Nora, and Kathy for their holiday shopping. This is a really nice way to give these amazing people a little extra holiday cheer.

1. Bring a check for $30.00 (or cash – any increments) made out to: Suzanne Gurley

2. Put the check (or cash) in the Ziploc in my box.

3. Sign the 5 cards in the Ziploc bag and replace the pens.

Thank you for participating. I will cash the checks and evenly distribute the cash among the five fabulous people. We will present them their cards full of cash and good cheer on the 22nd. We raised the price by $5.00 since we have not changed it in many years.

Questions? See me. Xoxxoxo, Suzanne