The Truth About Alcohol.

Payton Satterlee

What Is Alcohol?

Alcohol is a drug. Most people dont classify is as a drug but it is. Alcohol is a stimulant if you only have 1 or 2 drinks, but if its more it is a depressant.

How Is It Made?

Alcohol is made through the fermentation of fruits and grains. You basically just let the fruit of grain sit and rot until gives you a mind altering effect.

What Are The Reasons Teens Begin To Use Alcohol?

They think they are cool going out with older kids that do it. Maybe some of their family members do it, friends, and media all could be a reason.

What Are The Short Term Effects?

Some of the short term effects mentioned in the video were cravings, headaches, shaking, aches, dehydration, no energy, withdrawal, D.T's., and seizures.

What Is A Blackout?

A blackout is when you intake so much alcohol that you mentally pass out, but you are still awake. When you " wake up " from it you usually dont remember what happened.

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Using Alcohol?

Some of the long term effects mentioned in the video were short term memory, high blood pressure, it destroys organs and brain functions, liver pains, and bone and muscle aches.

What Does Alcohol Use/Abuse Do To Friends And Family?

I think that alcohol tears friends and families apart, because when you are drunk you dont really realize what you are doing, and you could hurt someone.

Any Other Information That Is Needed To Educate Someone About Alcohol?

  • Most alcoholic beverages are 2-50 % alcohol.
  • If you intake to much alcohol you can be put into a coma.
  • Alcohol is rotten fruit...YA NASTY!