Mrs. Smith

Kelsi, Caitlyn, Alicia, and Jazmine

To be an educational diagnostician you must be able to mediate, have good listening skills, and communicate well. Being an educational diagnostician you test students, write reports over them, have a legal guide, and you have lots of paperwork.

why did she choose this job title?

When she was a teacher she noticed that students who needed help weren't getting the help they need. This made her decide to change job titles and become an education and diagnosticians.

career history

Mrs. Smith has taught kindergarten, English, reading, special needs, and education diagnostician. She's always wanted to work in the educational school system and that's why she's been at her present job for 10 years now.

Job requirements

You must have a bachelors or master degree and you must also have background with this type of stuff.

Characteristics & Qualities / Most Enjoyable

Have good listening skills, work with other people well. Get to work with alto of people and also good working relationships.

Negative aspects

Too many school hours and after school hours.

Workload heavier or lighter? When?

Always busy at the beginning of the school year. The end of the school year is hard too.

Desire to work another position within the education system?

Mrs. Smith said no she really likes what she is doing right now.

Advice or words of encouragement

Enjoy working with people, volunteer, and do different things.

Demands of Worker (scale 1-5)

Work Hours- 5

Travel Involved- 1

Average Stress Level- 3

Amount of Teamwork Needed- 5

Level of Self-Motivation Required- 4