Renew You Wellbeing Challenge

Central Support | January 2016 | Week 4

BINGO Challenge | It's almost time!

Only a few more days until Wellness BINGO is complete!

Submit your completed BINGO card to the Benefits Team at the end of the month. Your tickets will be placed in a drawing.

The drawing will take place on Tuesday, Feb 2 with winners announced via email.

Read further for TIP of the Week and the adidas discount pass!

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Tip of the Week | Physical Wellbeing

Every day we make choices, and while some may feel insignificant, those habits, whether positive or negative, have a compounding result on us over time. One of the popular excuses for not exercising or having a routing for physical activity is "I'm too tired, it's been a long day". It might seem counterintuitive, but one of the best way to combat fatigue is by exercising!

Rath and Harter had comprehensive analysis done that shows more than 70 trials found that exercising is much more effective at eliminating fatigue than prescription drugs (even in cases where people have chronic and terminal illnesses).

TIP: Walking for a Healthy Heart

According to the American Heart Association study's show:

  • walking can lower risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as running.
  • The more people walked and ran each week, the more their health benefits increased.

Having an accountability partner is the best way to keep one another motivated to keep up your steps!

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To help you take a step towards a healthy heart we invite you to take advantage of the adidas pass that is good from today through February 11, 2016. A great pair of walking shoes goes a long way! This discount pass is available to you, your family and friends!

The pass is located at a link on the bottom of this page and available on the third floor break room at Central Support.

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