Miss Werner's Newsletter

May 5th, 2017

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Math Workshop

This week in Math Workshop your child began working through unit 13 which focuses on categorizing objects based on their size, shape, and color. This will be our last math topic of the year! Your child is also working in math stations to practice all of the math skills they have learned this year.

Writer's Workshop

This week in Writer's Workshop your child continued working hard on writing persuasive letters and posters. Your child has come up with a problem and is trying to persuade their reader to help them fix it. You may see a letter or two coming home in the next week persuading you to help your child with a problem :)

Reader's Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop your child continued talking about the characters in their book. Specifically, we discussed our characters' facial expression and body language. We talked about how we can learn a lot about our characters by looking at the illustrations!

Leader in Me Parent Survey

As a requirement of the Leader in Me grant we received, we’re asked to collect parent feedback. Please take a few moments to complete the survey by clicking the link:


To begin the survey, click the “NEXT” button.

We greatly appreciate your feedback. Your responses will be used to continue to build leaders in our Line Creek community.

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Can you read me your new math book about Quilly?
  • What problem are you writing about in Writer's Workshop? Are you writing a letter or making a poster?
  • Can you read me your RED folder? Are there characters in your book? How are they feeling?
  • Has your grass seed starting growing? How tall is it?
  • What is your favorite literacy station?
  • Why is it important to recycle?

Specials Schedule

Monday, May 8th: B Day (Music/PE)

Tuesday, May 9th: C Day (Library)

Wednesday, May 10th: D Day (Music/PE)

Thursday, May 11th: A Day (Art)

Friday, May 12th: B Day (Music/PE)

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