Figurative language

Short stories


Definition: A figure of speech that uses like or as to compare two seemingly unlike.
Example: the five o'clocks by the chimney still marked time, but the oriole nest in the elm was untenanted and rocked back and forth like an empty candle.

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Definition: A figure of speech that compares or equates two seemingly unlike things. In contrast to a simile, a metaphor implies the the comparison instead of stating it directly.
Example: Summer was dead but autumn had not yet been born

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Definition: A figure of speech in which an animal, an object, a force of nature, or an idea is given human form or characterization
Example: A grindstone stands where the bleeding tree stood

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Definition: A figure of speech that uses exaggeration to express strong emotion, make a point, or evoke humor.
Example: We dance together quite well until she came down on my big toe with her brogans hurting me so badly I thought I was crippled for life.

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Definition: The reparation of consonant sounds at the beginning of non-rhyming words or syllables in the neighboring words, as in "towering trembling pine-trees"
Example: i would gather wildflowers, wild violets, honey suckle, yellow jasmine, snake flowers, and water lilies, and with wire grass

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