Meat based vs. Plant based diets

By: Lucia Idriss

What do I think the public should be educated about?

I think the public should be educated on whether the meat diet is good for our health or whether the plant diet is better. As Americans we consume twice the average amount of meat that we are suppose to be taking in which is 5.7 ounces of meat per day as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Whereas the Plant base diet is now on an uprising. 36% of Americans are open to plant based diets. When consuming meat you are taking in antibiotics, anti bacterial drugs and, growth hormones. So with the meat you eat you get a little extra. But in the plant based diets you receive nothing more than the fruits and vegetables that you consume.


The diagram below is a representations of the Lacto Ovo Vegetarian diet and the Meat based diet. The diagrams presents different foods that is analyzed in both diets from the kg consumption to the protein consumption

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Information that surprised me ?

I found it surprising that in Africa there is not as much meat consumption as there is in the US or Canada.
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Growth Chart

This is the growth of meat consumption in the US over the years.


  • More than 9 million lives are maintained to supply the animal protein consumed each year.

  • Livestock population outweighs the U.S. human population by 5 times.

  • 8 million tons ( metric ) of animal protein is produced annually.

  • 124 kg of meat is eaten per American per year

  • More than 99.2% of US food is produced on land, while <0.8% comes from oceans and other aquatic ecosystems

    • The water required to produce various

    • Animals vary in the amounts of water required for their production

    • The major threat to future survival and to US natural resources is rapid population growth.