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social and emotional learning tips for families April 2020

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By now, your children are doing online learning with your school and you, making for new frustrations and challenges, smiles and tears. I hope you find tips and resources that may be helpful, some comforting, for you and your family... for all ages including teens. Please check out the updated list of online mental health links as well as support services here in Prince George. One of our parents mentioned how much her daughter liked the Cosmic Yoga site so enjoy the video! You can translate this newsletter into any language.

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Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!
Happy Right Now by Julie Berry

Peter Reynolds Storytime Monday to Friday

Virtual Storytimes

250+ Creative Ways to Keep Your Family Sane

Some of the best parenting advice I ever received was: "When it rains, play in the rain." There are ways of making the best out of any situation, this one included. We have a unique opportunity here: We can make the COVID-19 crisis into a moment that will live vividly in our kids' memories, so that in other times of uncertainty they'll recall fondly how their family pulled together and made the best of things, and they'll be able to do the same.

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Science Experiments
Arts & Crafts
Outside your Perimeter: Driveway, Yard, Garden, and Beyond
Links to Online Fun and Learning
Surprise! You're Homeschooling! Here are tips for success.
Operation Storytime
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imagination neighbourhood

fun podcasts for you and your kids - click above

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Let's look after our mental health - resources on line

Stress, anxiety, and depression are not unusual for people of all ages. But there are things we can do as individuals and collectively to deal with stress and support one another during these challenging times.



Y Mind

Young people 13-30 can sign up for six-seven week long programs online for free starting early May 2020. The YMCA of British Columbia’s Y Mind program helps young people cope with stress, worry and anxiety.

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...and in Prince George

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Tips for your homeschooling adventure

Below are a few tips to help you as you continue this temporary homeschooling. Please click on the link below for our complete list of tips for how to manage this challenging time.


  • Remember that everyone else is in the same situation.
  • Remember that the goal is to keep up the momentum of learning, not to imitate school or to compete to see whether your kid can do it better than the others.
  • Convey that we all have our work to do, and that you'll help your kids get set up to do theirs while you do yours.
  • Try to assume more the role of cheer-leading coach than overseer.
  • ...and a lot more. Click here for our complete article: Surprise! You're Homeschooling!... It's full of tips to help you survive and make the most of it.
Get Your Mind Ready with Mind Yeti

click below for the rest of the mind yeti videos!


for learning differences and disabilities, a good site for support

The coronavirus pandemic impacts everyone. But it creates added challenges for some people. That includes kids and adults with learning differences or disabilities. We’ve created this COVID-19 resource to help people who learn and think differently thrive at home, at school, and at work. https://www.understood.org/en/school-learning/coronavirus-latest-updates

sel posters

SEL Posters: Put up a few visual reminders to help your kids name their feelings and learn how to manage them, too!
Inside Out: Guessing the feelings.

teenage anxiety videos below

4 Coping Skills for When You Reach Your TIPPing Point {DBT Crisis Survival Skills}

more for teens, below

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