Texas Lunar Festival

Year of the Sheep!


It's the year of the sheep and we want to celebrate with you!

In celebration of Chinese New Year we are hosting an event at Discovery Green park. We are celebrating ending of the pat year and the start of a new one. 2015 is the Year of the Sheep.

Texas Lunar Festival

Saturday, Feb. 21st, 10pm

1500 McKinney Street

Houston, TX

10:35am Dragon Dance by Lee’s Golden Dragon

11:00am Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

11:05am Opening remark by Mr. Wea Lee, Chairman & CEO of Southern News Group

11:10am VIP Speech

11:30am “Flower Umbrellas and Butterfly Fan” Dance by OAEC

11:35am Chinese Opera Peach Song by Shannon Lee/Huaxing Art Troupe 11:40am “Unchained Melody”, “Those Flowers”

Singer- Jeremy Cai/ HuaXing Art Troupe

11:50am “A Carol of Wa People” Dance by OAEC

11:55am Folk Song of Taiwan – performed by Star, Moon, Sun Group

12:05pm Fan Dance - “Oriental Impression” by OAEC

12:10pm New Age Folk Music Assemble by Eastern Echo

12:20pm “Why Are the Flowers So Red” Dance - Yitong Wang/Huaxing Art Troupe

12:25pm Elvis’ songs performed by John Newinn

12:35pm “Daughters of The Flower” - OAEC

12:40pm Dazzling – Fashion Show

Models from LAVO Collections, OAEC,

Miss Chinese New Year Houston 2014- Kathy Wei

Second Princess of Miss Chinatown Houston 2014 – Jenny Xiao

12:50pm Flashmob

1:30 pm “Blooming Flowers” Dance by J&H Dance School

1:35pm Crerdas by Vittovio Monti, performed by Mario Pedone

1:40pm “ Lotus Song” Dance by Mitsi Dancing School

1:45pm Jasmine Suit, Singer: Jie Sun

1:55pm North American Youth Chinese Orchestra

2:15pm Korean Drums by Mitsi Dancing School

2:20pm Tai Chi demonstration by International Chen Style Tai Chi Development Center

2:25pm “Beauty of Form” Dance by J&H Dance School

2:30pm Philippino Traditional Custome Show – Philippines American Community Center

2:40pm Rocko’s performance

2:50pm Brzailian Dance (LD Dance Company)

3:30pm “Deep in Bamboo Forest” by J&H Dance School

3:35pm Chinese Yoyo Acrobats – Chinese Community Center

3:40pm Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance by Li-Mei Hua Dance Academy

3:45pm “Hometown Melody”,”A Singing Little River” – Singers: Shannon Lee & Larry Chen

4:55pm Fance Dance by Houston Red Sunset Dancing Group

4:00pm Qi Gong & Magic performed by Grandmaster Qi Feilong

4:20pm Korean Farmer Dance – Korean American Community

4:30pm “ Fernleaf Hedge Bambo under Moonlight” Chinese Instrument Hulusi Duet Performed by Lucy Yang & Wan Yang

4:35pm Indian Traditional Dance – TILLANA by Dr. Rathna Kumar & The Anjali Center for Performing Arts

4:45pm Shaolin Kung Fu Combination by Houston Shaolin Kung Fu School

4:55pm Stacy J & The Unified Praise Dance Company/Studio C

5:30pm 2015 Red Cat Jazz Festival - pre-concert

7:00pm Closing Remarks