A Midsummer Night's Dream

A look in the lives of the actors

On May 5th come witness this impressing production and chose your favourite dramatization.

Relive the great drama, presented with a twist

The Jokers acting group have read the novel , rehearsed the act and put together a visually inciting production of this renown drama. Our company has made this production far more than great, alongside using enchanting props we located the scenes in an astounding atmosphere.

Starring Ayush Prakash, Aaryan Dwivedi, Dhavani Kher, Mishelle Abayawardana and Prabhnoor Bhangu

Ayush Prakash

In the remake of Midsummer Night's Dream, Ayush Prakash comes back with a bang playing Nick Bottom, A confident weaver/performer whose head is turned into a donkey's. In the Batman classic, The Dark Knight, Ayush plays the maniacal Joker, interrogating a group of criminals and mob bosses to negotiate on what to do in Gotham. Ayush uses his knowledge of how the Joker operates, with a hoarse voice, lip movements and death stares, to create an unease and in the atmosphere and to keep the audience on their feet. There may be more criminals in the room than Joker, but no one has the cunning attitude and the natural intelligence of explosives and guns like he has, so he always comes prepared. This is Ayush’s first time playing a character, and he will do so with excellence, strategy, and an explosive ego.

Aaryan Dwivedi

In the production of Midsummer Nights Dream, Aaryan plays Francis- Flute, in preparation for the wedding celebration, Francis is required to play a young girl in love.In the film The Dark Knight, Aaryan Dwivedi stars as Gotham City’s African-American mob boss, Gambol, who is an enemy of the Joker and foolishly believes he can kill him. Gambol uses his power and money to try getting the Joker by placing a bounty of $500,000 dead or 1,000,000 alive. Aaryan uses his acting strength in giving his character a very tough, arrogant, impatient and confrontational personality. After placing a bounty on the Joker, Gambol is tricked by a trio of bounty hunters who made it seem like they bought him the Joker dead. The Joker Kills Gambol’s men before stabbing a knife in his mouth. Aaryan has previously played as Spawn in Mortal Combat: Rebirth and as a state of the art robot cop in the Movie Android Cop

Dhavani Kher

In the regeneration of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dhavani Kher stars as Peter Quince, a carpenter and the main leader behind the craftsmen attempt for, the great Theseus’s marriage celebrations. During the scene, Quince is shown to be shoved aside by the over confident, Nick Bottom. Personalities Clash although these differences alongside the actors performances, just serve to make the scene more comical and enjoyable.Nonetheless, Quince’s character is portrayed with great detail and passion. Dhavani skillfully uses her previous experiences to come out playing a unique Peter Quince. She has previously played the violent Russian thug in a scene of Batman’s The Dark Knight. This role aided her to take on a completely different character personality , and much like her previous roles in the Fault in her stars and Divergent, she had a delivered an awning performance.

Mishelle Abayawardana

n this part where we acted out the Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mishelle Abayawardana stars as the tinker, Tom Snout chosen to play Pyramus’s father in the craftsmen’s play for Theseus’s marriage celebration. Mishelle uses her acting strength in giving his character an amusing, funny outlook. My character is a joker who plays the role of the wall by dividing the two lovers; theseus’s and his partner. My character does many odd jobs such as travelling around with a cart of tools door to door to sell items.

Prabhnoor Bhangu

Prabhnoor Bhangu is playing a role in the Dark Night. An intense scene, in which timing creates the suspense. He uses his experience was crew management and lighting effects he has done over 2 years at the Rose Theatre. In the Midsummer Night’s Dream an argument between the charter preparing a play occurs. In which Prabhnoor plays Robin Starvel a tailor chosen to play Thisbe’s mother in the craftsmen’s play for Theseus’s marriage celebration. He ends up playing the part of Moonshine.

The scene that will be presented by the group is Act III, Scene I – Players practice