Human Resources Specialists

Business and Financial

Job Description and Working Conditions

Human resources specialists (HRS) recruit, interview, and place workers. They handle work such as training, payroll, and anything related to employees. They often perform background checks on employees to make sure they are suitable for the job. Along with that, HRS inform applicants about job details such as working conditions, pay, hours, and such. HRS usually work 40 hour weeks in locations including offices and colleges. This job requires an extensive amount of traveling to meet with applicants. There are also about 418,000 human resource specialists in the United States.

Earnings and Education

Human resource specialists make an average wage of $55,800 a year. In order to pursue a career in this field, a person should have a bachelor's degree in business or human resources. Coursework should include professional writing, accounting, and business concepts.

Important Qualities Needed

To be successful in this career, a person should make sure he or she has these key qualities:

1. Listening Skills- pay careful attention to applicant's responses in interviews

2. Speaking Skills- must give presentations and ask questions

3. Decision Making Skills- must make decision when deciding and reviewing candidates qualifications

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Human Resources Specialist (Episode 14)


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