St Andrews Careers CV/Resumé Bank

Let your success help students!

Have a great Resumé? Let students learn from your success.

CVs and Resumés have always been considered just as much art as science. Often the idea of writing a CV and Cover Letter is seen as a daunting excercise where there isn't always a 'right' or 'wrong' way to go about it.

In order to better educate students about good practice as well as stylistic differences based on country, sector, etc., The Careers Centre in the process of developing a CV/Resumé and Cover Letter data bank. This will be particularly helpful for our North American students, but can benefit all students interested in making themselves more marketable.

The best way to see what works in CV writing is to have examples of excellence from people in the relevant careers. Your submission will be invaluable in helping students craft Resumés that reflect their abilities in a manner that is the most efficient.

No submissions will be publicly viewable. You can also submit with certain restrictions of use, including anonymisation, adaptation, etc.

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