Tides and Ocean Currents

By: Nimisha Jain

What are Tides?

Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels, occurring twice a day. The gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the earth cause the tides.

What Tides are NOT.....

1. Tidal waves

2. Ocean Currents

3. The direction water travels in

4. Rip-Tide

5. The moon

6. A trash can

7. A rubberband

8. Aliens

10. The number 9 (as you can see it was not listed)

11. A pumpkin

12. A cupcake

13. Bacon

14. Pizza. (I bet I'm making you hungry.)

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What are ocean currents?

Ocean currents are the vertical or horizontal movement of surface and deep water in oceans. They move in a certain direction.

What Ocean Currents are NOT....

1. Tides

2. Books

3. Movies

4. Paris

5. Human

5. Nice

6. Boring

7. ?

8. Cold-blooded

9. Alive

10. The Hunger Games.

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Causes of Tides and Ocean Currents (Misconceptions)

1. God

2. Paint

3. The Lion King

4. Aliens....(They are watching us.....)

5. Taylor Swift

6. Katy Perry

7. Flo Rida

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