Prisoner B-3087

Hunter Smith


There is a jewish boy named Yanek Greuner. Him and his family lived in a little town in Poland. Then the germans came and take over poland and were taking the jews to concentration camp. So his family went and lived in a chicken coop. The germans found them and took Yanek and his family to the concentration camps.
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-Yanek Greuner

-Ruth Greuner (mom)

-Jack Greuner (Dad)



Character Analysis for Yanek Greuner


He hid from the germans that he knew would kill him and all of his family


He made it through the way the germans treated him and all the starving fays of waling and getting beat

Quote: "Your parents are dead and gone now"

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The book showed how bad jews were treated. You should never treat anybody different because of there religion.

Important Event

When the germans came and found him and his family and took all them to the concentration camps. Yanek had a very hard time leaving his family.
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I recommend this book for anybody that likes war books and history books.
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