New York

by Ava

Welcome to New York

Welcome to the Empire state where you will meet new friends in the big city or the big apple state. If you like baseball New York is the is the place for you.You can make lots of money in New York Because you can work every where.The beautiful statue of liberty was billet in France out of cooper . But the whether in summer is usually rainy and in winter it`s bellow cold. The beautiful water falls and beautiful valleys you will love too.You need to check out the amazing mountains.The population is 18,044,505, I Beat Theirs even more now. The most common jobs are nurse, lawyer and bartender.


New York became the 11th state in 1788.In 1931 the Empire state biding was contemplate .This bad thing that happened in New York The Twin Towers Were crash in to by some one that was not nice at all so he crashed in to them and many people Were hurt and killed it was a really sad time .
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Their Are two lakes in New York the lake placid and lake Erie.Theirs one beautiful valley called the Hudson valley.One beautiful mountain stands alone it `s name is mount mercy .The last thing is the two river Hudson river and st.Lawrence.New York has many trees , flat grounds and hilly grounds.
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Fun facts

New York's state bird is Eastern Bluebird. The state animal is a beaver.The state stone is a ruby.The state flower is a.State tree is sugar maple.
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New York's snake

New York's state snake is Queen Snake.Its poisonous. The colors On the snake are dangerous colors.

Information about New York.

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State Snack

I did not no that New York's state snack was yogurt.New York`s snack is healthy But really good .You can make a healthy ice cream out of yogurt.

State Flag

New York`s state flag is awesome.