By: Brisa Dominguez

How to read a pie chart?

Pie chart are really easy to read since they are clear and non messy. You can either way read a pie chart by... seeing what pieces are left out and those that are left out may be something different fro the others ones that look the same.

What are pie charts?

Pie charts can either tell a person many things. Pie charts are used for lots of things you can use them in reading math science and in allot of subjects; with pie charts things can be much easier pie charts can tell you for an example if someone likes something or if someone doesn't like something. People can do a vote for example like when mitt Romney and Obama were going for presidents and people had to vote you could have done a pie chart and asked the kids in your class who they would want to be president an when your done you and the class could see from the pie chart who the kids would like to be president.

What is a sector on the pie chart?

A sector is a piece of a pie chart. Sectors are really important because that is the part that shows whom is reading the pie chart whether someone likes something or not or also on what the whole point of the pie chart is.

what do all sectors of a pie chart add up too?

The sectors in a pie chart all add up too he results of the pie chart if a pie chart had no sectors at all then there would be no sense of understanding in the pie chart. The sectors make the reader understand what is the whole point of the pie chart. Pie charts would never make sense if they had no sectors pie charts are mostly used in businesses so in businesses there would be no sense if pie charts had no sectors. Sectors of a pie chart also add up to numerical data.
Pie Chart