4th Grade: News You Can Use

Week of October 24th-28th

Mark Your Calendars!

  • Red Ribbon Week- October 24th-28th
  • Picture Retake Day- October 26th
  • Science CBA- Tuesday, October 25th
  • Math CBA- Thursday, October 27th

Red Ribbon Week!

Monday- YOLO You Only Live Once! Dress in your favorite decade.

Tuesday-Have Good Character. Be Drug Free. Dress like a favorite children’s book character.

Wednesday-Show You’re Drug Free. Wear Red to celebrate Red Ribbon Week!

Thursday- Lei Off Drugs. Wear a lei and/or Hawaiian clothes.

Friday- Our School Chooses to Be Drug Free! Wear your school shirt or school colors.

Reading/Social Studies


We will continue our Nonfiction Reading Unit. We are doing a shared class research on Everything Weather. Soon, students will be choosing their own nonfiction research topics, and begin working in small groups, applying what they are learning about their topic.

Social Studies:

The students will be learning about the different explorers who made an impact on Texas History.


We will continue learning about input output tables and review past concepts to prepare for our CBA this Thursday. We are proud of all of the hard work our kids have put in to digging deeper with place vlaue, learning 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication, division and how to write equations to best document their thinking when problem solving. We are excited to assess their learning and see how much they have grown.
How to do "Big 7" Division (4th and up)
Multiplication Using Partial Products


Next week in Writing, students will be collecting information to draft their essay. Students will be learning how to organize their evidence, and use lists to build the build the evidence. Students will also be understanding how to use stories to support their thesis statement.


We are reviewing everything that we have learned this year so far in science. We have learned about weather, the water cycle, and the patterns of the Earth. The patterns that we discussed are the seasons, shadows, moon phases, and tides.

Our CBA is Tuesday, October 24th. Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep! The best way to review at home is to have your child log in to the Stemscopes website.

For more practice at home with reading weather maps and understanding the water cycle, please have your student log in to their Stemscopes account to complete extra assignments.

Username: Student ID Number

Password: Birthdate (mmddyyyy)

Stay tuned for photos of the investigations that we complete!

Safety Town!

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