First Grade Newsletter

March 23rd - 27th

Chicks PBL Coming Soon!

Dear Parents,

Next week we will begin our anticipated Chick's PBL unit! Project Based Learning is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge. We will not only focus on the scientific portion of this PBL but also integrate it with Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Mathematics, and technology. Students will create a driving question to guide their PBL, partake in leadership roles, create projects due throughout the unit, work collaboratively with their peers, observe and research information about their chicks. We are very excited to begin this PBL and can ensure that your child will come home everyday talking about their PBL! You will find yourselves having rich conversations about how to successfully reach their driving question.


The First Grade Team

Twitter Accounts

During the PBL many of our wonderful First Grade teachers and students will be tweeting about their experience. We encourage you to get a twitter account if you have not yet done so, and follow us at the following @ names listed below. We would love to have you join in on the wonderful learning taking place in our classrooms!

Ms. Rocha @1stbeckpeeps

Mr. Flank @Mr_Flank

Mrs. Beaty @MrsBeaty5

Ms. Stas @MissStas

Mrs. Harding @AmyHarding_Beck

Mrs. Goeke @Bgoeke14

Beck Elementary @beckelem

We look forward to tweeting with you!

Learning Targets

A Learning Target is the desired goal of each task in which your child will actively be involved. In addition, it engages your child in reflective evaluation of their own performance.

Each week you can ask your child about the learning target to ensure a great conversation of "what did you learn at school today?"

Readers Workshop:

Students will determine the difference between facts and details through expository text so that; they can respond and create their own written informative text using facts and details.

Writers Workshop:

Students will respond to an informative book so that; they can inform an audience of what they have learned.

Social Studies:

Students will explain how their health needs are met daily so that; they can explain the impact it has made on their recreational activities.

Math Workshop:

Students will read digital clocks to identify and write times that are half-past the hour so that; they can accurately tell the minute and hour as o'clock and half-past the hour.


Students will learn what makes something living or non living so that; they can easily identify and explain how something is living or non living.

Upcoming Events

March 27th: Watch D.O.G movie night 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.

March 30th-31st: STAAR testing day! Let's support our 4th & 5th graders!

April 2nd: Spring Picture Day!!

April 3rd: Bad Weather Make-Up day!

Teacher Contact Information

Brytnei Rocha:
Stefanie Dailey:
Dan Flank:
Alyssa Stas:
Amy Harding:
Breanne Goeke:
Kristin Beaty:

Transportation Changes

To ensure your child's transportation changes are met each day, please contact the front office or email and CC your child's teacher with the changes. It would be best to notify us as early in the day as possible.

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