Mod. 6 Lesson 1 Mastery Assignment

By: Nina Owens

Levels of the Court System

The District Court is where trials are held and lawsuits begin, they have original jurisdiction which is the authority to hear the case for the 1st time.

The Court of Appeals is the next highest court. This is where decisions made in the District Court are reviewed. They have Appellate Jurisdiction which is the authority to hear a case appealed from a lower court.

Terms to know about the Court System

Life Terms are when someone can hold office for as long as they would like.

Precedent is a model for other judges to follow in making their own decisions on similar cases.

An opinion is explaining the legal thinking behind the court's decision in the case.

A remand is sending the case back to the lower court to be tried again.

A circuit is a geographic area of a us court of appeals.