Would you like to start a new life?

Come on down to Texas

Join the best colony around

We have great land for farming, and very cheap land! Don't waste your money on expensive land and come to Texas for cheap land that is perfect for farming

Why you should move to Texas

Their is no one to collect Taxes and their is protection from Indians. Land was 1.25 cents per acre. As well as high employment rate.

Why stay in America when you can have a better life in Texas

In a America the chance for getting a job is at it's lowest point. The land does not help at all, it is very dry and is very expensive and every thing is hard to come by.

More information about Texas

Their are alot of water sources, some examples are drinking water, for watering your crops and for your cattle. Depending on your job you receive will more land as well as the extra land if you are married.

Some information about Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin will do any thing for you if you move to his colony. He is very kind and respectful of your dissension, no one treats their settlers like he does. He will try to find the best land for you at the lowest price. He came from southern Missouri, was born in Virgina in November 3, 1793. He took after his dad when he pasted away June 10, 1821.