Scientific Revolution

Ulises E. 6th Period

What was the change ?

The change that the Scientific Revolution brought was life lasting. It mostly changed people's point of view on the world. They started questioning a lot of things and believed that those questions could be answered with new technology they had. They also had new theories on different things based on what they got from the new inventions and the great philosophers.

Who were the people associated with the change ?

How did the change impact society at the time ?

During the Scientific Revolution, a lot of things changed just like the way people viewed the world. One example is, the way that people viewed the church and started questioning if what was in the Bible true or not. They now knew that everything they did had an explanation behind it so they thought that some of what the church told them could be explained and could even be false.

How did that change evidenced in today's modern society ?

Even though the Scientific Revolution happened a long time ago, we still have and use some things from that time. For example, we still use the Law of Universal Gravitation and we use the Telescope which is more advanced now but we have the same idea that Galileo had.