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Facts about African wildlife

Did you know that mankind is the biggest threat to land and wildlife? How about that humans hunt giraffes for their hides and meat? If you didn't, you do now! Climate change isn't natural, it's caused by mankind. Humans are pushing lions out of their homes. Wherever people use land, land-use planning is happening; whether they know it or not. Lions have become prey to people. Elephants have a slow reproduction rate, and are declining slowly. If this worries you, please help this charity by donating or voulenteering. Thanks for your support.


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We work to endure African wildlife forever

More about AWF

They were founded in 1961 by Patrick J. Bergin. They help people and build conservation schools. They protect animals, their habitats, and protect them from threats. Their mission is to ensure wildlife and wild lands of Africa forever.
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