Shakes of Terror


My Story

I was there in the terror,the shaking of the ground,with all my friends, books falling from the shelves, we were terrified.

My Story


21 of March 2014, 1:17 New South Whales

I was at school when the first fore shock struck. Then school got called of I rode my bike home and hid under the table Then the Earthquake stated.


The ground was shaking so hard that we had to get out if the house IMMINENTLY! Luckily we got out in time the house collapsed.


We quickly ran outside and all the buildings were destroyed like a whole domino reaction had finished.

I went to give my mum a hug but when I was hugging her I saw all the a looter that was taking all the stuff from the store.


Fletcher- I was walking down the street to Burwood Westfield when I felt the Earthquake happen I fell over and landed on my back, I got back on my feet and saw Burwood Westfield crumbling to the ground, I heard people screaming and went to help someone under the fallen bricks.


Antony-I was having a lovely day until my dog started scratching on my door, while I was eating a cheese sandwich and a glass of water Then I realised that my glass cup was shaking like crazy!

Then the Earthquake started. I quickly look down the window and hear people screaming in terror running everywhere. I quickly run out of the house just in time before my beautiful house collapsed.

More Interviews

Jimbo- Well as usual I was at work living my normal life, but as I was on my break the whole building rumbled, it was like an Earthquake..ooh wait it was an Earthquake, anyway the building was still standing as we all evacuated the building but one silly dodo worker just had to go and steal some thing, anyway I am done now BYE!

Well Folks, this truly was a devastating day for all of us hopefully this tragic disaster never happens again