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December 2017

PVMS Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a rigorous, world-class education which inspires students to become active, compassionate, and collaborative lifelong learners who understand and respect other people and their differences.

Learner Profile of the Month: Open-minded

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As a PVMS Family, we focus on a different Learner Profile (a trait that we strive to display to become the best people possible) every month. For December, we are focusing on being Open-minded. We are Open-minded when we understand and appreciate our own cultures and personal histories and are open to the pespectives, values and traditions of others. PVMS staff members have green #IBSTRONG tickets that they are giving out throughout the month to students who are displaying that they are Open-minded. Teachers will also be choosing students for “Student of the Month” who are an example to others in exemplifying that they are Open-minded. We encourage students to wear green on Fridays during December to represent our Learner Profile of the month.

You will see signs displaying the Learner Profiles throughout the school. The profiles are also posted above the white board in each classroom. Teachers have a second set of magnetic Learner Profiles that will make it easier to highlight which Profiles are relevant to the current classroom activity.

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All-County and All-State Musicians

Mrs. Richardson is proud to announce the following Panthers for being chosen to represent Pine View Middle School in the All County/State Band and Chorus! We are proud of your fantastic accomplishments!

All State Band:
Lilly Xu, Clarinet

All County Band:
Haley Hodges, Flute
Lilly Xu, Clarinet
Theodore Spiegel, Trumpet
Julian Jimenez, Trumpet
Logan Fischler, Percussion

All County Chorus:

Tabitha Vinson-Soprano 2

Erin Roberts-Alto

Emma VanHook-Alto

Dayanne Lopez-Alto

Evelyn Rodriguez-Alto

PVMS Thespians Advance to State Level!

Congratulations to the following Thespians who will advance to State! Go Panthers!

Patrick Trzeciak- Monologue, Year 2

Thomas Dunn- Monologue, Ensemble Acting, Year 3

Braeden Kirby- Duet Acting, Year 3

Nolyn McElaney, Duet Acting- Year 3

Kobi Page, Ensemble Acting, Scene Writing, Year 3

Shelsea Henriquez, Ensemble Acting, Scene Writing, Year 3

Lily Walsh- Improvisation, Duet Acting, Year 2

Jules Eisenberg- Ensemble Acting, Duet Acting, Year 2

Amalia Mehner- Costume Design, Year 1

Julia Galante, Solo Musical, Year 1

Elayna Blecher- Improvisation, Year 1

Mikayla Mauradian- Solo Musical, Year 3

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Year 3 Yearbook Dedication Pages

Do you want to dedicate a page in the yearbook to your Year 3 student? Contact Ms. Fromm at!

Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Field Trip

Language Acquisition Event – Hispanic Flamenco Ballet field trip

12/7/17: This year, for the second time, our Language Acquisition students will have the opportunity to see two performances of the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet here in Tampa. A hundred and thirty-two students will be able to witness a dazzling and colorful display of traditional and contemporary dance, costumes and music from Hispanic nations of the Caribbean, Central and South America. Traditional classics such as the Merengue from Puerto Rico, the Cumbia from Colombia, Mexican Jarabe Tapatio, Samba from Brazil, Argentinean Tango and Malambo, as well as Bachata and Merengue from the Dominican Republic, and two forms of Salsa (Salsa Caleña from Colombia and Cuban Salsa) accompanied by our rhythmic percussion section.

The second performance is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Spain, including a variety of folkloric dance and music including classic Jota, Muñeira and Paso Doble, the tradition of La Tuna Troubadors (a group of traveling minstrels from the King's Court in the 16th century playing mandolins and tambourines), a special Spanish fantasy with fire symbolizing the passion and elegance of Spain, and various forms of Tablao Flamenco, including Tango, Bulerias, Sevillanas, Caracoles and Rumba.

All these plus live musicians and an interactive finale where students are invited onstage to participate alongside their talented international artists will complete the authentic Hispanic multicultural experience!

For more information visit:

Music Department Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Wednesday, Nov. 1st, 8:30am

This is an online event.

The PVMS Music Department is having their Yankee Candle Fundraiser starting November 1 running into December. 40% of the proceeds go to the music department!! Contact Mrs. Richardson if you're interested in helping support the music department!

The Road to Become an IB World School

PVMS applied to be a Candidate School in April of 2015 and was approved the following month. Because we are a Candidate School, we are authorized to implement the Middle Years Programme until we apply to become an authorized World School, which we are doing this school year. Candidate schools make consistent steps over time toward the ultimate goal of becoming an IB World School. Every candidate school is assigned an IB consultant, and ours visited PVMS at the beginning of October for a preauthorization visit. She determined that PVMS is ready to apply to become an authorized school, and we submitted our application on October 16th. In the spring of 2018, a team of professionals from the IB will visit PVMS to determine that we have met all the requirements needed to become an IB World School. We should receive an answer shortly after the team from the IB visits the school. If you have any questions about this process, or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact our MYP Coordinator, Becky Cardinale at
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Odyssey of the Mind at PVMS

Enjoy thinking outside the box? Join Odyssey of the Mind! Joining an Odyssey of the Mind team provides you with the opportunity to learn creative problem solving, teamwork and self-reliance while having fun solving a problem and creating a presentation with your own ideas and those of your team mates. Although you have a coach to support and advise you, all the ideas and the work on the solution comes from the team members. It all culminates in a multi-school competition in late February/early March and a chance for the highest scored teams to compete at the state level in Orlando. Interested students can complete the form at:

Support our Supporters!

A HUGE thank you to our local businesses that support us. If you own a business or know of one who would like to support our school, please contact Becky Cardinale.

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel: Thank you for sponsoring our Panther Pride program!

MIDFLORIDA Credit Union: Thank you for sponsoring out Student Shout Outs!