My family community

My community I like to be around is my family. Sometimes almost every week we do family game night. Family game night to us is when our family gets together and plays a board game, or action game. We will all bring our own dish and there will be a lot of food and we will eat then play some games. Weeks when we don't have family game night once in a while just us four at home would play a board game.

Family game night at home is very different then with all of our family. Game night at home is like we just take out a board game and we play the game. And when it's time to eat we are most likely done with the game and we will just eat and do whatever next.

Game night with our whole family is really fun. We all get together and eat. For food there all different kinds of foods to eat. We will hangout eat and talk for a little while and then we will get together in probably a big circle and get the games out that we are playing. We will play the few games we had out for a while and then go home and chill out.

Some games we might play as a big family is maybe charades, bingo, five second rule, parents again children, plus more. Now how we got family game night started was we just kinda all had nothing to do on Fridays after school or Sunday nights. So our family kinda talked about all of us getting together and playing some games. So we tried it once and the parents decided that we could do it like two times a month. So about at the end of every week, Besides maybe one week of the month.

This community is important to me because it's with my family. And we all have fun together and do our own thing. We play games and just have a good time. Other people could do family game night. And I bet other people do to. So it's not only my family that does it. It's also maybe other family's that get together and do games and have fun.
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