The Naturalist

About me

Being a naturalist, I enjoy nature a lot. I enjoy being connected and observing the wild life. I enjoy contributing to nature and I hate seeing the loss of wildlife.l set out food every day so animals come by and I can observe them eat.

What I ate today

Today for dinner I had a wonderful salad and a thai panang vegetable curry,which is a vegetarian plate that contains no meat and is really good. I really enjoyed eating it with acup of all natural juice. I like to keep myself organic and stay healthy.
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Following new person on twitter

I began following on twitter, @ASNAmNat, The american Naturalist. It basically a person who made the page to bring other naturalist together and enjoy nature together.
Recently I was going through the web and i really liked a page called by the Biodiversity Group,in which we see about conserving nature and trying to donate. I see how they try to make a change.

Personal Topic

In my free time, I enjoy to watch nature. Being able to interact with nature honestly makes me really happy.I'm Honestly a huge freak for nature. I really want tot help and show people the impact they're making on nature. It'd be better if we left the world for nature to nourish..

My vacation

For my vacation I went to Hawaii. At Hawaii I went to a part where only I was at. I was alone and was near the ocean watching nature adn the different animals around the area. I really enjoyd hawaii.
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My plans for the weekend

This weekend i'm really looking forward to go to the forest and see all the different animal life. I'm going with my family to go see all the different species and bring awareness to the people to help the a
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Emilio Ambasz