Kindergarten Apps

Fall 2015


Below you will find the names and descriptions of the apps placed onto the iPads. All apps are free unless otherwise noted in their description. Many of these same apps are on Mr. Neary's iPad cart, which he will be introducing to the students, so they have an understanding on how to use those apps in your classroom. If there is a particular app you would like the kids to have prior knowledge about before using it in your classroom, please let myself or Mr. Neary know and we will try our best to accommodate.

Splash math Kindergarten (Paid Version)

Content includes: numbers 0-20, counting to 20, comparisons, addition concepts, subtraction, geometry, measurement.

Each app can hold up to 4 student profiles, so students can pick up right where they left off!

Preschool & Kindergarten Splash Math games. Learn counting skills, addition and subtraction

Drive About: Number Neighborhood (Paid Version)

Students practice number identification and writing, counting, matching and ordering in an environment that encourages free play, exploration and fun.

  • 30 licenses

Drive About: Number Neighborhood

Kid Awesome Math Kindergarten (Paid Version)

This app makes kids into heroes as they rescue puppies and kittens by completing math activities. It contains a full year of math skills.
Kid Awesome Kindergarten Math - Game Trailer