Frederick II the Great of Prussia


Prussia in 1786

Yellow: Prussia 1740

Orange: Territorial Gains

Brown: Other Principalities in the Holy Roman

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Goals and accomplishments

-Further consolidated power in Prussia

-Seized Silesia in Austria, which extended Prussia's territory

-Built a strong army and used his army to build a strong state, which forced nations go recognize Prussia as great power.


With the successes and domestic reform it brought land and prosperity to Prussia.

He never had a problem using his army for anything when he stepped into power. Seized Silesia from Austria, which sparked the War of Austrian Succession.

Political Views

Fredrick did believe that the ideas of the government should begin and be decided by the monarch, he also is able to work with the aristocracy and other governing figures so that decisions which are made can be made in peace to please the country as a whole, unless the idea is much to absurd in the monarch's opinion to grant.


Fredrick the Great says, “Religion is the idol of the mob; it adores everything it does not understand. . . . We know the crimes that fanaticism in religion has caused . . . ”