This Week in Kindergarten

January 13, 2016

Awards and Report Cards

It is almost the end of the six weeks which means another round of report cards and award ceremonies. Kindergarten teachers would like to remind families of the following:


-Your child's teacher will be contacting you if your child will be receiving an award at this ceremony.

-Principal's Award: No more than one excused absence and no more than one yellow light on the behavior calendar.

-Perfect Attendance: No excused or unexcused absences

Report Cards

-A score of "SD" is to be expected in most areas at this point in the year. This indicates that your child is still developing as expected and is on track to meet end of the year goals.

-The only cause for concern would be an "X" on the report card indicating that your child is experiencing difficulty with a particular skill or objective.

-Report cards will be emailed to parents

What are we learning in Kindergarten this week?

Math: In math we will continue to model and act out adding two quantities. We will also compare groups of objects as greater than or less than a given group.

What can we work on at home?

-Identifying numbers 1-10

-Counting 1-50, counting by 5's, counting by 10's

-Writing Numbers 1-20

Language Arts/ Social Studies: In writer's workshop, we will focus on writing a story that has a clear beginning, middle, and end. We will be setting writing goals and developing plans to achieve those goals using rubrics. In reader's workshop, we will begin our Eric Carle author study. During our author study we will be identifying story elements, and writing opinions about Eric Carle's books.

What can we work on at home?

-Review letter names and sounds for all letters of the alphabet.

-Writing first name correctly on lined paper with only the first letter capitalized

-Correctly identifying and writing letters

-Stretching out sounds to write simple words

-Reading and writing sight words

-Writing sentences that start with a capital letter and end with punctuation.

Science: In science, we will begin our "Crack or Splat" investigation of playground safety.

Important Reminders:

-Guided Reading books will not be coming home during our Middle of the Year Literacy Assessment window. Books will begin coming home again on January 25.

-Please be sure that your child's personal belongings are labeled with his or her name. These items include jackets, hats, gloves, lunchboxes, etc. This is an important step in returning your child's items if they are misplaced. Thank you so much for your help with this.

Early Dismissal

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 12:15pm

401 Parkview Drive

Trophy Club, TX

Early Dismissal

Friday, Jan. 15th, 12:15pm

401 Parkview Drive

Trophy Club, TX

Student and Staff Holiday

Monday, Jan. 18th, 12am

401 Parkview Drive

Trophy Club, TX

Donuts for Dad

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 7am

401 Parkview Drive

Trophy Club, TX

Kindergarten Award Ceremony

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 9am

401 Parkview Drive

Trophy Club, TX

Your child's teacher will contact you if your child will be receiving an award.