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Theme of the Week: Trustworthiness

Dear Blazers,

We are ready for another week of distance learning! Each week are sending you specials activities to keep you active and growing in art, library, PE, computers, and even character development. This week our activities will focus on being trustworthy. Make sure you scroll down to Ms. Vitela's information for a special word from your PALS.

Remember if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Our contact info is listed below.

Happy learning!

Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Beason, Mrs. Coon, Coach Patterson, Coach Huston, and Ms. Vitela

Online Stories, Activities, and Digital Books

Hello Blazers!

Last week I highlighted Scholastic at Home on our Facebook Page, but wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to see and use this great resource. You can explore Bookflix for FREE and get paired fiction and non-fiction texts to read or listen to. They even include practice games with vocabulary, story elements, and fact vs. fiction!

I'm continuing to share stories on our district library FlipGrid. I'm working to include stories to compliment the lessons your teachers are assigning in reading with story arcs and character development. These will also be posted to our Northbrook Library Facebook page, so be sure to follow us.

Here are a few of my recent readings:

Niko Draws a Feeling

The Lumberjack’s Beard

Meet Me at the Moon

Russel Wrestles the Relatives

Audible is offering free audio books for kids. These stories offer a screen-free option that may help break up the day for families with students home from school.There are selections for our listeners in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Italian. To access the free titles, just visit from any web browser.

If there's a story you'd like to hear, a resource you need help finding, or site you need help navigating, please reach out. I'm here to help parents, teachers, and students alike!

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Library Search

Please click on this button and it will take you to our collection of eBooks, audio books, and books in print. To use the eBooks, audiobooks and Interactive books you need to Log In. Click Log In and use your 6 digit i.d. as the username and password

Fine Arts Information from Mrs. Beason

Mrs. Beason

Howdy Blazers.

Let’s talk about dolphins. Did you know that dolphins are the animal symbol for trust? Truthfully, I didn’t know that either until I did a little research. Dolphins are very smart animals. They are considered a social animal because they stick together in large dolphin groups called pods. They also seem to be comfortable being very close to people. Why do you think that is? Maybe because they trust other dolphins and people to be kind and helpful.

This week’s project is all about dolphins. You can draw one on your own, or use one of these videos to draw or fold a dolphin.

If you’d rather listen to a song, here is “The Dolphin Way” from The Lion Guard Cartoon.

Don’t forget you can always email me a picture of your artwork. A few of you have already sent pictures and I LOVE THEM! I hope you have a good week.


Mrs. Beason

P.E. Information from Coach Huston and Coach Patterson


Trustworthiness: Remember to always be honest and play the game fairly. If you accidentally hurt someone, go up to that person and apologize and ask if they are okay.

-Coach Patterson

Try this week's Trustworthiness Activity:

Click on the link below to check out our April PE Calendar.

3rd-5th Graders,

Coach Patterson and I have a big challenge for you for the next TWO WEEKS! Instead of fitness gram testing this year, we want to challenge you to improve on your push-ups every day. Check out the attached document for a Push-Up Log to give you tips, show you a perfect push-up, and inform you of the number of push-ups it takes to be in the Healthy Fitness Zone. Try a different push-up technique every day, Monday – Thursday, and on Friday test yourself on a perfect push-up! Get ready to build those biceps and increase your overall upper body strength!

-Coach Huston

Computer Information from Mrs. Coon

Mrs. Coon

Hi Guys,

I miss seeing all your smiling faces at school. I hope that everyone is doing well.

Miss you,

Mrs. Coon

Computer Time Ideas for the week of April 13-17

*The Easter and Spring Holiday season is this week.

Here are a few links to holiday games:

Have fun with your technology but remember to get plenty of fresh air & exercise too!

*Make an Acrostic Poem with the word Trust.

You can do this activity in Word on your computer or by writing it on a piece of paper. Here is an example using the word Spring: You can also Google “acrostic poems” for more ideas.

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Counselor's Corner

Hey Northbrook Blazers!

If you had a PAL this year, here is a link to a video that your PALs made for you! See if you can find your PAL in the video!

Here is my flipgird lesson on trustworthiness! Please watch it and respond! I can't wait to view and comment on all of your great responses!

Are there times that you might feel stressed or anxious and you need help with calming down?? Try doing some yoga or minute meditation and see if it helps!

Yoga for K-2 students:

Minute Mediation for 3-5 students: