You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

Who Am I??????


Drawing, music, animals, and science.

Skills, values, and learning style

My top skills are drawing, science, and working with people. My values are freindship, family, and art. My learning style is hands on.

My career

As a vet, you diagnose, treat or help animals with injuries or diseases.

salary per year: $82,040

Job outlook: 36%

Cluster: health sciences and agriculture, food, and nautral resources

Schedule/ enviorment: It is in a hospital full of animals in need

Sometimes, vets can go out to help larger animals such as horses or animals in a zoo.

How Do I Get There?

I would like to go to the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith. It is close to home. To be a vet, you need a doctoral or professional degree. Tuition fee is $2,812.