Component 2E

Organizing physical space

Quest Overview

  • In this quest, you will learn about Danielson component 2E.
  • Understanding part 1 - You will read about the Danielson component 2E (understanding what it is, why it is important, what the elements are embedded within the component, and ways you can show it in your digital portfolio).
  • Understanding part 2 - Read the first chapter of Debby Diller's spaces and places book.
  • Explore part 1 - complete a write up for Component 2E in your digital portfolio. To document your learning, you will take a screenshot of your write up in your digital portfolio and upload it to My GCC.
  • Explore part 2 - create an account in Floorplanner if you are interested in teaching 1st through 12th grade. If you want to teach Pre-K or toddler sign up for a MyKaplan FloorPlanner account.
  • This Quest should take you no more than three hours to complete at most.


The guiding questions for this quest include:

  • What is component 2E?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the elements associated with component 2E?
  • What are the artifacts you can create to demonstrate competency in component 2E in your digital portfolio?
  • What is floorplanner?

Understanding Part 1 Component 2E: Organizing physical space

What is Component 2E?

  • Having a safe and accessible learning environment is important for both teacher and learner.
  • Component 2E is about the layout of the classroom.
  • The classroom needs to be formatted in a way that is safe and accessible for our learners.
  • In addition we need to make use of the furniture, space, and materials within our classroom for it to be a productive learning space.

Why do we need to know about component 2E?

Component 2E is important, because:
  • We need to have an environment that is safe for ALL students to learn.
  • Not only safe in the physical sense of the word, but also an emotionally and mentally safe haven for students to attend.
  • Furniture and arrangement of materials need to done in a way that ALL students can maneuver around the classroom.


Possible artifacts

Artifacts for component 2E that could be seen in the classroom include:
  • Sample layout of future classroom created in a purposeful manner.
  • An organized and safe classroom is demonstrated.
  • Pintrest board of future classroom layout ideas
  • Collection images taken of the classroom layout in previous field or observations (without students in the photos).


Danielson, C. (2007). Enhancing professional practice a framework for teaching (2nd ed.). Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Understanding Part 2 - Spaces and places by Debbie Diller

  • Read pages 13-35 (as per the numbers on the book's pages)
  • Note her steps to create a well organized space
  • Think about how you can use these steps to create your own classroom space.
  • Include this information about her steps in your component 2E write up. Include information about how you can follow the steps or how you can put these steps into action. Don't forget to cite Diller's text in your digital portfolio!

Explore Part 1

  • Open your component 2E page in your digital portfolio
  • Upload a screenshot of your digital portfolio component 2E with write up to My GCC.
  • Be sure to publish your website!
  • Complete a write up on your component 2E page that describes in your words and citing Danielson to the following questions:
  1. What is component 2E?
  2. Why do you need it?
  3. What are the elements?
  4. What are some artifacts you can use to show competency with component 2E?
  • Try to be original here don't just write down my ideas. Include materials that you may have from other classes.


Floorplanner meets future teacher Christine Miserendino

This month we are meeting Christine Miserendino, a future teacher from the United States. Christine tells us why she believes Floorplanner to be a great tool for teachers and students alike.

Explore Part 2 - if you are designing a 1st -12th grade class

  • Go to
  • Click Sign up
  • You can sign up with google too!
  • Now you have an account for Floorplanner!
  • Feel free to play with the website a bit. Please note we will be going over it in class.

Floorplanner intro

Floorplanner introduction

Explore part 2 - if you are designing a toddler or PreK-4 classroom

  • Create an account for MyKaplan Classroom FloorPlanner by clicking here:
  • Click create my Kaplan Floorplanner account and fill in the information.
  • Now you have an account for MyKaplan Classroom Floorplanner!
  • Feel free to play with the website a bit. Please note we will be going over it in class.
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