Human Migration

Taylor Damrath

Why Do Humans Migrate?

Humans migrate for many different reasons. They could be moving to a new home, weather changes, financial or economic issues... Sometimes they could just be getting out of an area they don't like, searching for better work, healthcare, opportunities...

How Do Humans Create Cultural Mosaics?

Humans create cultural mosaics by blending together (a) certain language, foods, education system, clothing, religion, customs, and holidays. For example, one community, mostly in foreign countries or regions, could have (a) similar foods, beverages, clothing, education system, clothing, religion, and holidays. Because of people migrating, they bring their cultures with them to a new community.

Connecting to the Real World

Migration isn't always a choice in some cases. For example, the refugees from Rwanda in the beginning of 1990 were being massacred for who they were. In their case, they had no choice but to abandon their home country due to all the genocide.

Most countries still suffer from natural disasters that had happened years ago. An example of that would be the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. To this day, people living in that area are still struggling to this day to rebuild the area. The tsunami caused nuclear accidents, primarily the level 7 meltdowns at three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant complex, and the associated evacuation zones affecting hundreds of thousands of residents. The damage done was so extreme that to this day, there is still fixing and repairing needed. The aftermath of the disaster was both humanitarian crisis and a major economic impact. The lack of food, beverages, shelter, medicine and treatment for survivors, etc... People who either lived in or near the area had moved somewhere else to find new homes, new jobs... new opportunities.

Cooperation & Conflict

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups by finding a way to work together within a community. People from all different cultures have different opinions, views and ideas and this creates conflict within a community. So in order to live together peacefully, people need to give a little and cooperate.

Power Shifting Between Social Groups

Power shifts all the time among politics, social groups such as state government, presidency, congress... Power is constantly shifting between republicans and democrats and the same thing can happen in social groups depending on who is more popular at that point in time.

Connections to My Life

I've moved to Florida from Massachusetts due to personal reasons, looking for new work, and we had family down there. My family has migrated plenty. Migration has its positives and negatives to it. Along the way, I've encountered different people, food, an education system which was way different than the education system I was used to. There were more people of the Latino and African American race in Florida. Some students at my school were Haitian. Many students spoke fluent Spanish. Because of the miscommunication at times, It could be difficult for someone to understand someone else. In order for everyone to get along, we'd need to understand each other and be cooperative.

Bullets & Ballots

Different groups had different types of powers. Over the course of the activity, different groups lost or gained power, which created conflict. This involved extra cooperation and effort to gain power back. We had to learn to cooperate with each other, which was difficult. Other groups did not have as much power as my group did and my group took advantage of that. There were arguments and disagreements. Sometimes, groups can work out their conflicts and find a solution, while others have a difficult time with that.